Chris Johnson is going to platoon, whether he likes it or not Dan Leberfeld

Chris Johnson did a media tour this week, and said something that created some headlines.

“Once the season starts and once we’re playing and I’m doing my thing, I’m pretty sure if I’m making plays they’re going to want to keep handing the ball off to me,” Johnson told “If they want me to continue making plays, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that if I’m on the sideline.”

Johnson is going to be part of a running back rotation. End of story. Chris Ivory is one of the NFL’s best power backs. Bilal Powell is underrated. It doesn’t matter what Johnson wants to do. That is irrelevant.

He will have to get used to being on the sidelines more than he ever was in Nashville.

First of all, he is coming off knee surgery, and has a lot of miles on him. No matter how well he plays, he is going to platoon.

End of story.

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