Clearly, Scott has a lot of power Dan Leberfeld

Kris Dyer of Metro New York tweeted recently – “League source tells me that Jets linebacker Bart Scott has been actively recruiting Giants free agent d-lineman Barry Cofield.”

Clearly Scott has a lot of power in the Jets organization.

He’s now recruiting free agents for the Jets.

You know if the Jets sign Cofield, who is out – Ropati, MTV, Matt Kroul, Jarron Gilbert?

Is Cofield a little better than these guy? Probably.

I’m not sure he’s better than Shaun Ellis, who was tremendous in the Jets-Pats playoff game, and still has gas in the tank.

Should Scott, a teammate of the aforementioned five guys, be recruiting a potential replacement for one of them?

They are already in trouble with the Jets drafting of defensive linemen with the first two picks.

Scott was an undrafted free agent, a long-shot, who made the league.

You would think he’d have a soft spot in his heart for players like Ropati and MTV. But instead, according to Metro, he’s recruiting  a player to take one of their spots.

Scott is a very good player; very solid, consistent, but not a star.

The power he has in the Jets organization seems to be Peyton Manning-like.

I don’t get it.

But, you know what, all the power to him.

He has built up an amazing amount of gravitas.