Cleveland DC Horton challenges his defense Dan Leberfeld

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton isn’t happy with the way his unit is playing late in games.

“We have failed the last three weeks,” Horton said. “You can not play well for three quarters and then come crunch time tighten up. We talk about being the backbone of the team, well, you can’t do that. You don’t do that. It’s highly. …it’s very disappointing.

“I think as the games go on, there’s more pressure to perform well and to not repeat a pattern that has happened in the past. So is there a psychological pressure affect? I think there is.

“Somebody could be putting the reverse pressure of ‘I’m going to do it’ and then you get out of your gap and you do a different technique. But why would you … we talk about every play is weighted the same, whether it’s the first play or the last play of the game, to me it really doesn’t make a difference. And I know for athletes it does, because as the clock ticks down, they do. There’s a psychological affect on them but it shouldn’t be that way.”