Colts center Jeff Saturday on Peyton Manning’s future Dan Leberfeld

Q)When was the last time you spoke with Peyton Manning?

Saturday: I talk to him regularly actually. I love {No.] 18. He’s my guy so I communicate with him regularly. He’s doing his deal and he’s getting ready. He’ll be playing football, I can assure you that. I hope it’s here [in Indianapolis], but he’ll be playing somewhere.

Q)So in 2012, he will be playing football?

Saturday: Absolutely.

Q)What do you think of the Colts general manager and offensive coordinator saying they have not seen Peyton Manning throw?

Saturday: If I’m the Colts and I have interest in Peyton, I’m calling him up to get him to come throw for me. I’m not going to wait for him to decide to walk in and throw; I’m going to actively seek that out. That’s probably where that lies.

(Hat Tip, NFL Network)