Coming off good combine, maybe Ansah at nine? Dan Leberfeld

BYU DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah had a very good combine.

He ran a 4.63 forty at 6-5, 271, and looked good in the linebacker drills.

He’s rising up the charts, and Jets might need to consider him at nine.

“Minimal amount of football, average practice week at the Senior Bowl which is important to me and then he
dominated the game,” said Mike Mayock of the NFL Network. “There are a lot of questions about the guy, but you can’t question his movement skills, his size and his motor.

“When people try to compare him to [Jason Pierre-Paul], I would take a step back. Even though [Pierre-Paul) was raw, he was further along. Ziggy Ansah has that kind of ability but he’s even more raw than [Pierre-Paul]. So at what point do you pull the trigger?

“A lot of times, good teams and playoff teams get better because guys get pushed down and then somebody picking in the late 20s says . . . how about San Francisco? A team like that is pretty good, maybe we can take the time to develop this kid.

“I don’t know where he’s going to go; I think he’s going to go in the first round and he has phenomenal
upside. It’s just going to take a little time.”

Maybe if the Jets get another first round pick for Darrelle Revis, they can pick Ansah later in the first round.