Costello good point about Maccagnan and Bell Dan Leberfeld

New York Post reporter Brian Costello made a point about the coverage of the Jets’ supposed interest in Le’Veon Bell that bears repeating.

“The people I spoke with seemed to be deducing that the Jets would be in on Bell, not that they were told that by anyone from the Jets. (Mike) Maccagnan has a reputation for keeping things close to the vest and he has done that with his plans for Bell,” Costello wrote for the Post today.

This is a very important point that needed to be made.

Anybody who claims they know what Maccagnan is going to do on the Bell front, might be leading you astray.

As Costello points out, Maccagnan keeps things “close to the vest.”

He’s not a guy who gives stuff to NFL media insiders. He once mistakenly called Adam Schefter, “Adam Schechter” when talking about the ESPN reporter. Maccagnan doesn’t live in that world.

The point is there is a lot of logical guessing right now, but to think anything is coming from Maccagnan on Bell is far-fetched.

The Jets’ GM doesn’t roll that way.


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