Costello’s point about Idzik wasn’t a complaint Dan Leberfeld

In his column, New York Post writer Brian Costello wasn’t complaining about Idzik being evasive now. His point was more big picture.

“And here’s the thing for Idzik: He can get away with [being evasive] for now,” wrote Costello. “Hired just five months ago, he still has a honeymoon period with Jets fans, many of whom celebrate his non-answers after viewing the organization as too chatty with the media in the last few years.

“But that honeymoon won’t last forever. All Idzik has to do is look toward Queens this week at the Jets’ former roommates at Shea Stadium — the Mets. Sandy Alderson is in year three of a rebuilding project and Mets fans have finally run out of patience.

“Idzik is in the early stages of his own rebuild, facing similar challenges to Alderson. He also inherited a team that miscalculated on some big contracts that handcuffed it from spending in other areas. He was faced with trading away Darrelle Revis because the team could not afford him like Alderson had to with Carlos Beltran.

“But Jets fans won’t be as patient Mets fans. If Idzik is still rebuilding in 2015, he will be run out of town.”