Cowher, Marino and Sharpe on Rex Ryan Dan Leberfeld

COWHER:  We’ve watched Rex Ryan in my opinion grow as a coach from year four to five.  He admittedly said he had to take a different approach publicly about certain things.  I love where he’s at.  I loved last weekend after that game he said, ‘Wow, it’s great that we won that game.’  He wasn’t boastful.  He knew he was fortunate to win that game.  I love where he’s at.  And I think other owners should look at coaches and see that they can grow on the job and still be good coaches and give them time to experience the things they need to experience like Ron Rivera.  Because we fire coaches way too quickly in this business and don’t give them a chance to grow as coaches.


MARINO:  You look at Rex Ryan, what I think was impressive about him is he did this with Mark Sanchez who was a rookie quarterback.  So for five years.  Then he went to two AFC Championship games.  Now he’s got another rookie quarterback and he’s winning with Geno Smith.  There are a lot of guys that have a quarterback like Tom Brady, in New England for 10, 12 years.  He’s doing this with two rookie quarterbacks.  That’s impressive.

SHARPE:  The Jets are doing this with a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith.  They traded their best defensive player in Darrelle RevisRex Ryan has that defense.  You talk about a defense.  They play defense as well as anybody in the National Football League.  No great receivers, no tight ends to speak of on the offensive side of the football.  How Rex Ryan has gotten this team to be 4-3 with a rookie quarterback and that offense is beyond me.

*These quotes where from before the Jets-Cincinnati game.