Cromartie has the right mindset Dan Leberfeld

Antonio Cromartie was asked by The New York Post if he can be the best cornerback in the NFL.

“I think so if I’m playing on a consistent basis and using my techniques and doing the things I need to do,” Cromartie told The Post last week.

But that doesn’t matter to him.

“Can I be? Yes. Do I care to be? No,” Cromartie said. “If we’re winning and I’m doing the things I need to do, then that’s what it’s really all about. I couldn’t care less if someone said I’m the best corner in the NFL. I really don’t care about that. I’m more focused on, ‘Am I doing the right things and are the young guys doing the right things they need to be doing?’ If we’re all playing as one, our whole secondary is the best. That’s the way I’m looking at it.”