Dan’s thoughts on Sparano Dan Leberfeld

Here are my thoughts on the Jets hiring of Tony Sparano as their new offensive coordinator.

I think it’s a terrific move for a few reasons.

*His fiery personality will give this offense the kick in the pants they need.

*His great knowledge of the division will really come in handy. He will be an amazing resource for New England prep weeks.

*Rex always plays the good cop rule with his players; Tony can fill the much needed bad cop role.

*As a former head coach, Tony will be a great guy for the Rex Ryan to lean on. Rex needs to take the next step as a head coach, and Tony can help him do that.

*Tony is superb running game coach, and he will help the Jets a great deal in this area.

*Tony will give Mark Sanchez the tough love he needs. There has been too much appeasement up to this point.

*If Sanchez struggles, Tony won’t hesitate to push Rex to make a QB change.

*Tony is really good at coaching the Wildcat, and in Jeremy Kerley (pictured above), he has a terrific Wildcat QB to work with.

*The Jets have lost the imprint Parcells put on the team when he changed the culture. Tony, a Parcells disciple, can bring some of that Parcells culture back to Gang Green. Whether you like Parcells or not, he knows how to run a tight ship, and Rex needs to tighten this ship up.

*Tony is a no-nonsense coach, so he can help Rex clean up some of the problems in the locker room (though I don’t think he can help with Santonio Holmes).

*Tony is one of the best offensive line coaches in the business, and he should be able to help Wayne Hunter and Vlad Ducasse, improve their skillsets.

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