Darnold or Allen #1 – Here is 1 former scout’s take Dan Leberfeld

Former NFL scout, and current NFL Network draft analyst, Daniel Jeremiah, thinks the Cleveland Browns should pick USC’s Sam Darnold with the first pick of the draft. Here is his reasoning . . .

“I’ve been on record for a long time saying I think Sam Darnold should be the pick for the Cleveland Browns. I think he’s the right guy there. I think he’s the best quarterback in his class. And I think he’s, at 20 years old, is just scratching the surface of what he can do.

“Going through the process, he didn’t throw at the combine so we’ll see him at the pro day. And I thought it was a lights-out pro day, in the rain. Look, it wasn’t a snowstorm. But you wanted to see how he spun the ball and it was wet out there, it was raining pretty good, and I thought he did a great job.

“You look up in the stands and you see his parents sitting with the owner of the team. And I think a lot of us just said this is done, this is over. I mean, he’s the guy.

“So that’s what I thought at that time. And that’s what I would have done, and I still would do. But just in talking to people around the league, I would say really picked up in the last week, it’s a lot of people not from inside the building, stress that, but there’s just a lot of people telling me, hey, I think it’s going to be Josh Allen. It’s either guys that have worked with John Dorsey or guys that are familiar with that room and that process, they think that that makes more sense for him with Josh Allen being more of an upside pick than a floor pick.

“And Josh Allen is not there right now, but maybe feel Tyrod can buy you enough time before Josh Allen is ready. I think it’s a risk, no question. I think the pick should be Sam Darnold.”