Darnold: ‘We need to fix those things, because they’re fixable’ Dan Leberfeld

Q)It just looked like you guys couldn’t get anything going there early in the game . . .

Darnold: First off, we didn’t execute the way that we wanted to, especially in the first half. I put that on my shoulders. I missed way too many throws today. We had opportunities and I just missed guys. We’ve got to look at the tape and see what happened, but I just flat-out missed guys and that’s on me. And so I’ve got to be better and we’ve got to execute better. It’s as simple as that.

Now we do have to go into the meetings tomorrow, kind of understand how we need to fix those things, because they’re fixable. It’s the first game of the season—and so we’ve just got to go in with our heads up and be ready to learn from our mistakes and leave it at that.

Q)You were hurt by penalties quite a bit today. Can you speak to that?

Darnold: We try to limit penalties as much as we can. Obviously, there were too many today. And then the delay of game, I put that on my shoulders. We didn’t break the huddle fast enough and we weren’t ready and that’s on me.

Q)Was there anything that Buffalo did today that was confusing schematically or that you haven’t seen during practice at all?

Darnold: They always try to bring different looks, but Buffalo, their defense is going to do what they do. We were ready for it, we just didn’t execute.

Q)On the drive right before half that ended up with the field goal, right before the kick, you threw a completion to (Jamison) Crowder in the middle of the field with the clock running. Were you supposed to go there? 

Darnold: Yeah, they were bringing pressure so I had to get the ball out. Hindsight, if we look at the tape we might say that we want to do something different, but that’s what I thought in the moment, so I did it, but I knew we’d have to slow kill it and execute the field goal. So, that was kind of my thought process in the moment.

Q)Is this one demoralizing?

Darnold: I think for us, we’re all competitors. Losing sucks no matter who it is. Obviously, it’s Week One. There were some details, guys, that we’ve got to figure out and we’re going to figure out. But it’s Week One and we’ve just got to figure out what we did wrong and correct those mistakes and not let them happen again.