Darrelle Revis on Bucs penalty problems Dan Leberfeld

East Rutherford – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had 13 penalties in their loss to the Jets.

Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis feels his team needs to cut down on penalties.

“It was a lot,” Revis said. “Some of them could have been questionable, but at the same time for the rest of the team, we just have to play.   You can’t really try to point the blame at the refs.  They have a job to do and they are going to make certain calls.

“The game is about momentum.  It goes up and down all the time.  Adversity strikes and we have to be a better team when adversity strikes we need to handle it (better).

“We are flying out there.  We are playing aggressive defense and certain situations I understand what Coach (Schiano) is talking about (about) being in control and understanding certain penalties could be costly for the team so I really understand and get where he is coming from and I agree with him.”