David Garrard’s thoughts on Geno Smith #nyj Dan Leberfeld

After he announced he was walking away from football, former Jets QB David Garrard appeared with Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

During the interview, Gannon asked Garrard what he thought of quarterback Geno Smith, the Jets’ 2013 second round pick.

“From what I saw he looked like he is definitely heading in the right direction,” Garrard said. “I wasn’t at the rookie minicamp but, talking to the coaches, they were pretty impressed with what he did during the rookie minicamp. Now it is a rookie minicamp, you’re not going against number one guys, the whole playbook isn’t installed.

“It just seems nowadays they are putting those young guys out there a whole lot earlier than they used to do in the past. But I believe he has that confidence, he has that swagger, he has those intangibles, what it takes to be able to get the job done if his number is called.

“I have confidence in him but, like I said, I wasn’t there long enough to really see everything. I know what he did in college. I was impressed with him in college but it is a different ballgame when you get to the next level so he has a lot of things that he has to learn.

“I think he can get it done if he just really applies himself and doesn’t try to live up to the whole New York hype and all that stuff. Just put your nose to the ground and just grind. Don’t try to be the celebrity guy. Don’t try to be all that. Just go out there and be a football player and that will get you all those things in the end.”