Dearth puts things in perspective Dan Leberfeld

James Dearth was the Jets long-snapper for a decade.
Not only was he really good at this job, but was of the most decent people I’ve ever been around.
The Jets decided not to bring him back for the 2010 season.
Because they were able to save about $500,000 by going with Tanner Purdum.
This is very typical of decisions being made around the league.
In a bad economy, and with ticket sales down, teams are looking to safe money any way they can.
And looking at the Dearth situation really made me think twice about the Darrelle Revis’ holdout.
Revis has been offered a 10-year deal for $120 million, making him the highest paid Jet.
But that isn’t enough.
Maybe if Revis thought about Dearth being out of job over a few hundred thousand dollars, perhaps he would think $12 million a year is just fine.
Then again, probable not.