Dee Milliner – should the Jets consider? Dan Leberfeld

Most experts consider Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner the best player at his position in the draft.

What makes him so good?

“It‟s a combination of things,” Mike Mayock (NFL Network) said. “What I see on tape is a tough instinctive guy who tackles, which I love; I love a corner that will tackle.

“When you come out of Nick Saban’s Alabama program, especially when you‟re a defensive back which Nick takes a big interest in as a former defensive back coach, you are well coached.

“He understands zone concepts, he plays man-to-man, he presses, he tackles. The only thing I‟m not sure of is his long speed, and that‟s what we‟re going to get an answer on Tuesday afternoon.”

If Milliner runs a good 40 on Tuesday, and the Jets trade Revis, he’s a guy they will probably need to consider at nine.