Did Bowles really snap? Dan Leberfeld

Headline – “Todd Bowles snaps at questioning as Jets pressure builds.”

You see this narrative repeated all over the internet.

Did he really snap at his Monday press conference?

I don’t think so.

He decided he wasn’t going to talk about the Bengals’ game, since the Jets are on a short-week, playing Thursday night game in Buffalo.

Bowles feels with so little time to work, it’s incumbent upon his team to move on to the next task at hand, the Bills, ASAP.

“I told the players, win, lose or draw ā€“ we talked about this last week ā€“ we were going to move on,” Bowles said on Monday. “If I won yesterday, Iā€™d be giving you the same question and answer I (am) today.”

He really didn’t snap. He never raised his voice. He just repeatedly said he wasn’t talking about Bengals.

Also, there is a photo out there that makes it look like he’s bolting from his press conference. That didn’t happen. It ended normally.

Would it have been helpful to get some questions answered about the Jets’ secondary? No doubt.

But Bowles wasn’t going to do it. He just wasn’t. Bill Belichick stonewalls questions all the time. It happens.

I just wanted to clear this up; Bowles didn’t snap.

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