Do the Jets need leaders/captains? Dan Leberfeld

Cincinnati – After the Jets 49-9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, wide receiver David Nelson talked about the importance of veteran leadership.

“We have to rely on the veteran leadership of the team,” Nelson said. “This team – all year long – has bounced back from loses. We have to continue to rely on that leadership, and move on from this.”

What veteran leadership?

I’m not being flip.

It might be there, and we aren’t aware of it, but it’s hard to discern who the veteran leaders are.

Rex Ryan got rid of permanent captains after the Santonio Holmes incident in Miami.

Maybe it’s time to bring them back.

Maybe make Mo Wilkerson the captain of this team.

Maybe David Harris.

The Jets need veteran leadership now more than ever.

And maybe naming a captain or two, so it’s clear who the leaders are, is a step in the right direction.

Captains are important.

Think about what Mark Messier did for the Rangers and Derek Jeter for the Yankees.