Do you agree with Thurman? Dan Leberfeld

Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman doesn’t think Dee Milliner’s injured ankle impacted his performance in the Jets’ loss to Green Bay.

“I don’t think his physical condition was a hindrance,” Thurman said. “When a guys out on a football field, he’s 100 percent. And when he’s out there and you look at him, he’s playing like everyone else. It’s about playing your technique and fundamentals properly and doing what you’re coached to do. That’s where lack of game time prep (and) having not gotten the reps in, it can hurt you.”

I understand where Thurman is coming from. As a coach, you don’t want to use injuries as an excuse.

But clearly Milliner’s ankle was a problem in the third quarter. On Jordy Nelson’s 80-yard touchdown, Milliner looked like a linebacker running after the receiver, not a cornerback with 4.37 speed.

And it’s probably hard to use all your proper techniques and fundamentals on a bad wheel.

So yes, I think Milliner’s ankle injury was a factor, especially in the second half.

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