Does Mike Florio think Joe McKnight wanted to talk to press today? Dan Leberfeld

Cortland – Joe McKnight addressed the media today about his concussion and recent legal issues.

As press conferences go, it wasn’t very good.

McKnight gave a bunch of short, cliche answers.

“McKnight apparently was serious about saying nothing at all of any real meaning or consequence,” wrote Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “If that’s how a guy is going to handle a press conference, why even bother to give one?”

Does Florio think that McKnight wanted to hold a press conference?

He didn’t.

Just look at his picture on the front page of this website from the press conference. He looks like he’s getting root canal.

McKnight held the press briefing because he was asked to do so by the team’s PR department.

If McKnight had his druthers, he would avoid the press.

But that isn’t an option.

It you do that, you get fined by the NFL.