Douglas no tipsy sailor when it comes to contracts Dan Leberfeld

These contracts seem to make more sense than some past Jets deals.

Talking about the three players the Jets reportedly added early in free agency – DE Carl Lawson, WR Corey Davis and LB Jarrad Davis.

These are typical Joe Douglas contracts: The player gets nice money, but the deals aren’t over-the-top, profligate contracts that you sometimes saw in the past, like the CB Trumaine Johnson, LB C.J. Mosley and CB Darrelle Revis (the 2015 deal) contracts. Those deals were considered a tad over the top by some observers.

Lawson got a 3-year deal for $45 million with $30 million guaranteed, which isn’t a crazy money for a good pass rusher.

Compare that to, let’s say, Mosley, getting $51 million guaranteed.

Corey Davis got a three-year deal for $37.5 million with $27 million guaranteed, so it’s essentially a two-year deal for $27 million.

Jarrad Davis got a one-year deal for $5.5 million with a chance to grow that to $7 million with incentives.

These are the kind of contracts that are good for the team and the player – everybody is happy – a win-win.

The Jets’ football czar clearly likes to add players in free agency, but not spend like a drunken sailor, and wreak havoc on the team’s salary cap.


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