Dumervil theoretically had as a good a year as Revis Dan Leberfeld

Denver Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who had 17 sacks last year, is involved in a nasty contract dispute with the Denver Broncos.

“In their latest round of contract negotiations, the Broncos threw a cut block at NFL sack king Elvis Dumervil,” wrote Mike Klis in the Denver Post.

“According to an NFL Players Associations source, the Broncos recently sent a letter to Dumervil stating that if he didn’t sign his restricted free-agent tender of $3.168 million by Monday, the team on Tuesday would exercise its right to reduce his 2010 salary to 10 percent above what he made the previous season. Dumervil made roughly $573,000 last season, which would put his 2010 salary at about $630,000 if he doesn’t sign his tender.”

These kind of situations are going on around the league.

This isn’t a good year to be looking for a mega-deal with the bad economy and no CBA.

This isn’t a great time to be asking for more than Nnamdi Asomugha.