Ed Reed goes down same road as Santonio Dan Leberfeld

Early in the 2011 season, after a game with Baltimore, Jets WR Santonio Holmes was critical of his current team’s quarterback and offensive line.

Ravens safety Ed Reed went down that same road on Sirius Radio on Tuesday.

“I think Joe (Flacco) was kind of rattled a little bit by that defense,” Reed said. “[The Houston Texans] had a lot of guys in the box on him. And, I mean, they were getting to him. I think a couple times he needed to get rid of the ball.

“I don’t know how much of the play-calling, he could have made audibles or anything like that, checks or whatnot, man, but it just didn’t look like he had a hold on the offense, you know, of times past. You know, it was just kind of like they was telling him to do, throw the ball or get it here, you know, get it to certain guys. And he can’t play like that.

“(The) offensive line’s got to block better,” Reed said. “You know, they got to communicate better, got to pick up blocks, Joe’s got to get the ball out of his hand.”