Edwards de-activation not a good idea. Dan Leberfeld

While some holier-than-thou sportswriters want Braylon Edwards de-activated for the Miami game,  that is probably a bad idea.

For one, it’s no fair to his teammates, coaches or Jets fans who need a win in Miami. If they lose, they are two games out of first place. This isn’t a T-Ball league. A lot of people are impacted by these NFL games.

But more importantly, perhaps Edwards has a drinking issue.

The earmarks are there – the man clearly parties too much.

I don’t say that in judgement, but out of concern for a fellow human being.

And if he does have a problem, what good would a one game de-activation do?

The man probably needs some counseling. 

Thanks goodness nobody was hurt on Tuesday morning, and let’s all hope that the wide receiver gets the help he needs.

And a one game de-activation, doesn’t help him at all.

It might help sell papers, but in the long run, it doesn’t solve anything.