Former Jets coach on a key for Saleh to have success Dan Leberfeld

Herman Edwards is absolutely right.

The former Jets coach, from 2001-05, appearing on the podcast of Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson, talked about the key to Robert Saleh having success with Jets.

“Well I think you guys know this. If you got a quarterback, you got a chance,” said Edwards. “You gotta have a quarterback. I was fortunate. We had Vinny [Testaverde] there my first year and then I had Chad Pennington sitting in the wings.

“It all starts with the quarterback, once you get that piece in place, you can build the rest of the team — because if you get the right one, you got a 10-year run. If you don’t have a quarterback guys, let me tell you something, that field is 150 yards long.”

So true.

The NFL is a quarterback-driven league. If you don’t have an answer at the position, it’s hard to be highly successful.

So Saleh’s success could very much be tied to how Zach Wilson turns out.


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