ESPN Insider praises Rex Ryan Dan Leberfeld

ESPN football insider Bill Barnwell praised Rex Ryan in a column just posted on the network’s website.

“In a league beset by parity, great head coaches stand out by building a scheme and cultivating a team chemistry that matches the makeup of their roster, Barnwell wrote. “No coach in the league has done that better recently than the Jets’ Rex Ryan.

“Ryan has built a brilliant defensive scheme almost solely around his star cornerback,” Barnwell continued later on. “Because he depends on Revis to take away one star player or one side of the field, the Jets get more players free to clog running lanes, rush the passer or help out the other cornerbacks over the top. On passing plays, it leaves quarterbacks with one easy, incredibly counterintuitive read: Throw at the opposing team’s best player.”

Barnwell closed with – “There’s a reason 21 percent of players around the league listed Ryan as the coach they would most like to play for in a recent Sports Illustrated poll; he simply gets it.”