ESPN scribe questions timing of Marty’s quote Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Rich Cimini was the latest writer to interview Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who seems to be on a media tour.

“Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told me that Sanchez’s ‘completion percentage and accuracy percentage have been sky high up to date. (In Mornhinweg’s grading system, he considers them separate categories.) He told me that Wednesday afternoon — after Sanchez’s three-interception stinker in practice. I kid you not,” wrote Cimini.

Cimini makes a good point. Why say that after a three interception practice?

If I were the Jets, I would cut back on Morhinweg’s interviews (I’m not blaming him, he’s doing what they are asking him to do), and have him focus 100 percent of his time and energy on turning around an offense, that was awful last year.

But that is just me.