ESPN NY’s Cimini details Goodson’s legal issues Dan Leberfeld

Mike Goodson’s legal problems didn’t start in Denville last week.

According to ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini, Goodson had legal problems before his recent arrest.

“He was sued for paternity and child support by three women from August 2010 to May 2011, according to court documents in North Carolina and in Texas, where he grew up,” wrote Cimini. “He has fathered at least six children with those women, one of whom he lived with for two years, records show.

“One woman, who dropped her initial case, is planning to re-file a paternity action next week, according to her attorney.

“An investigation into Goodson’s background uncovered no criminal activity prior to the May 17 arrest, but there has been a string of incidents that have led to legal action against him.

“Goodson didn’t pay a $56,465 bill at a Houston-area jewelry store, which included the purchase of a $37,500 Breitling watch, according to court records. The store sued him, and after interest and fees, he ended up paying $84,423.44. The amount was garnished from his Raiders paychecks, according to records in Texas and California.

“Earlier, while with the Panthers, Goodson was sued three times by two apartment complexes in the Charlotte area, which demanded unpaid rent — ranging from $1,413 to $2,744, records show. In the latter two suits, records show he received eviction notices.”