Expect big plays on special teams early in the year Dan Leberfeld

Mike Westhoff thinks there will be some big plays on special teams around the league early in the season.

“That’s an excellent point and Mike (Westhoff) is exactly right,” Jets special teams coach Ben Kotwica said. “Even if you look in the preseason, if you took the percentage of those big plays, whether it be a blocked punt, whether it be a big kickoff return, whether it be a big punt return, I think you do see a higher percentage.

“I don’t have the empirical data to back it up, but just my gut tells me, and I would agree with Mike, that you do see those bigger plays earlier in the season. Because (of) what the limitations you have and the practices and the amount of time you have. And you have guys that are newer, especially to that unit, especially younger guys.

“Hopefully for us on Sunday it’ll be us making big plays in that side and the Buccaneers having any issues.”


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