Father of Jets backup rips team’s QB plan Dan Leberfeld

The father of Jets reserve quarterback Matt Simms, was critical of the team’s QB plan, in a recent interview with Newsday.

“If I was Mark Sanchez, I might not have been as quiet about it and as politically correct as he was,” Phil Simms told Newsday’s Bob Glauber. “Mark Sanchez is in a situation now that a good veteran quarterback is in when the football team drafts a first-round quarterback. To me, it’s a very touchy situation. It’s right up there on the fence, and we’re all waiting to see which way it falls.

“You read articles now, and nobody wants to hear about Mark Sanchez. Everybody wants to hear about Tim Tebow. Look how big it is now. It’s nothing. What’s it going to be like in training camp? The preseason? When the season starts, it’s going to be huge.

“[Sanchez will] have to play extremely well, put up numbers, and you have to win. And if that whole scenario is not happening, then not only the fans of Tebow, but the people in the media, we want the next thing. Everybody wants the next thing, no matter what.

“He can only win (over the fans) by working hard, winning football games, and putting up big numbers. That’s an easy thing to do in the NFL, right? And that’s on an offense that’s not going to be designed around the quarterback to be the superstar.

“It’s the NFL, so it never goes as planned. The whole damn thing is about adversity. Practice, games, one series to the next, what’s going to go wrong, because it goes wrong. Look at all that went wrong last year for the Giants. But they were fortunate and smart. They can stay the course. It’s like the cleanup hitter who’s not hitting, but we keep him in the lineup and it pays off. It’s not the same situation with the Jets.”