Find out who the “some” are and fire them Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Adam Schefter had the following information today . . .

“There’s a disenchantment with some in the New York Jets organization at the lack of talent general manager John Idzik has acquired despite the means he had to improve the roster, according to team sources,” wrote Schefter.
“John Idzik’s failure to fill major holes despite millions in cap room have some members of the Jets organization disenchanted, according to sources. The issue existed in the offseason and has lingered into the season, all the way to before Sunday’s game against Detroit. What bothers some in the organization, according to sources, are the holes the Jets left — especially at cornerback, but also at wide receiver, pass rusher and in the return game.”

How many are “some?” Put a number on it.

But whoever they are, Idzik needs to find out who they are, and fire them.

End of story.