Forget the money – handle things appropriately Dan Leberfeld

The Jets need to forget that Darrelle Revis makes $17 million this year.

Forget it!

They should not let that impact their thought-process on how to use him.

They need to do whatever necessary scheme-wise and personnel-wise to fix their secondary.

This isn’t about being right on contracts, this is about winning.

Whether Revis is now assigned to the other team’s #2 receiver, given constant safety help, or eventually moved to safety, Todd Bowles needs to fix this situation, ASAP.

Forget the contract. The ink is dry. There is nothing you can do about that right now. Just consider the money “Legacy Pay.”

The Jets need to handle this situation with total pragmatism from a football-standpoint. The player needs to be handled based on his current skill set at 31.

The Jets can’t let anything else cloud their judgement.