Vilma intends to fight suspension Dan Leberfeld

2004 Jets’ first round pick, linebacker Jonathan Vilma, was suspended for a year by the NFL today, for his role in the Saints’ bounty scandal.

Vilma, who the Jets traded to New Orleans in 2008, intends on fighting the suspension.

“I am shocked and extremely disappointed by the NFL’s decision to suspend me for the 2012 season,” Vilma said in a statement. “Commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to share any of the supposed evidence he claims supports this unprecedented punishment.

“The reason is clear: I never paid or intended to pay, $10,000 or any amount of money, to any player for knocking Kurt Warner, Brett Favre or any other player, out of the 2009 Divisional playoff game, 2010 NFL Championship game, or any other game. I never set out to intentionally hurt any player and never enticed any teammate to intentionally hurt another player.

“I also never put any money into a bounty pool or helped create a bounty pool intended to pay out money for injuring other players I have always conducted myself in a professional and proud manner.”