Q-and-A with former KC Chief on the Jets Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – Jets outside linebacker Josh Martin played for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013-14. We caught up with him this week to get a scouting report on his old team.

Q)How would you describe the Chiefs’ offense?

Josh Martin: It’s a West Coast Offense – short quick passes, spread offense, check down and let their guys make plays; safe, don’t take a lot of shots (down field).

Q)What kind of challenges does Alex Smith present?

Martin: He’s a smart quarterback, savvy quarterback. He doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions. He’s comfortable in the offense, he knows it well, he’s been doing it for a few years out there with Andy Reid.

Q)You played in Arrowhead as a home player. What is it like for opposing teams?

Martin: Loud, it’s really loud and it’s a fun place to play. If I remember correctly, it is the loudest. It’s a combination of the architecture of the stadium and the fans. They really get rowdy. I’ve never played there as a visitor, but it’s a fun place to play regardless. I’m looking forward to going back.

Q)What is Bob Sutton’s defense all about?

Martin: They are a solid defense, A 3-4 defense with two good outside linebackers. Their defense is built around the Front Seven, and they have a great secondary with Eric Berry and Marcus Peters back there.

Q)With Justin Houston out of the lineup at outside linebacker, Dee Ford will start. You played with him. What does he bring to the table?

Martin: He’s fast and athletic and he’s not a small guy. He can pose a problem for sure.

Q)How much does the deafening crowd noise help the pass rushers?

Martin: It’s great (for pass rushers). When the offensive tackle has to worry about hearing the cadence and getting off with a good kick step for pass protection it makes a big difference.

Q)What is it like facing Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher?

Martin: He’s very athletic. He moves really well. Obviously he was the first overall pick. He’s a good player.

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