Former Scouts Bucky Brooks/Dan Jeremiah on Jets pick Dan Leberfeld

Former NFL scouts Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah now work for NFL Network. They had a press briefing today, and one of the questions was about the Jets’ first round pick (third overall). Here is what they say about the quarterbacks who may be available, and who fits the Jets best.

BUCKY BROOKS: If I had to rank them in order in terms of scheme fit, I would say Rosen, Mayfield and then Allen. If you go back to Jeremy Bates’ history, his time when he had a chance to work with Jay Cutler, I view Josh Rosen as a guy that is very similar to Cutler with the way he connects with his coaches, the way that he interacts and the way that he has a high IQ.

In the West Coast system, I think Josh Rosen would be perfect and ideal. I think Baker Mayfield would also be ideal in that system because both guys are very accurate, both guys get the ball out, both guys throw it great — touch, timing and anticipation.

I think there’s a separation between those two and what Josh Allen does. Josh Allen to me is more of a vertical thrower, a guy that wants to play deep-ball football, push it down the field. And I just think when you’ve looked at how Jeremy Bates has traditionally played or wants to play, the guys that can kind of spray it around the yard horizontally and a little vertically are the guys that are a better fit.

DANIEL JEREMIAH: Yeah, I would agree with that. Rosen and Mayfield make a lot of sense when you talk about scheme fit there. When I look at Baker Mayfield and the fit there, it’s not even really with Jeremy Bates, but when you look at the decision makers and you look at the quarterbacks that haven’t worked out there with the Jets, I think you can find Baker Mayfield kind of being that polar opposite.

So to me, it goes a little bit of that, it’s almost you fire a coach, you hire the exact opposite of what you just fired. Baker Mayfield makes some sense there.