Is Zach Wilson a good leader? Dan Leberfeld

One former BYU teammate doesn’t understand why people have questioned Zach Wilson’s leadership ability.

New Jets guard Tristen Hoge, who signed with the Jets as an undrafted free agent, doesn’t understand all the criticism of Wilson’s leadership.

“I have seen all the doubters out that he doesn’t have leadership capabilities that they are looking for,” said Hoge in an exclusive interview with “I can attest he does.”

One reason some questioned Wilson’s leadership was he wasn’t voted a BYU captain before the 2020 season. He was selected for the team’s eight man leadership council, but not a captain. The reason he wasn’t selected one of BYU’s four offensive captain,¬†was four older BYU players returned from two-year Mormon missions, and they had been multiple year starters, so they had seniority. It wasn’t related to Wilson’s leadership ability.

The BYU offense was no-huddle, but on the occasions they did huddle, Hoge said Wilson showed strong leadership.

“You could feel [his leadership] in the huddle – [saying] ‘guys, let’s get this rolling’ when we were in a tight spot,” Hoge said. “He’s a great leader and a great man in that (leadership) aspect.”


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