Francesa – “If there is nothing wrong, why are you here?” Dan Leberfeld

WFAN’s Mike Francesa isn’t sure why the Jets needed to make a GM change based on what was said on Thursday at John Idzik’s press conference.

“(John Idzik said) there’s nothing wrong with the Jets,” Francesa said on Thursday. “Well if there’s nothing wrong with the Jets, why would you be here? … The last thing that any Jet fan wanted to hear the new general manager say is that you’re going to play like a Jet. They don’t want you to play like a Jet anymore! They want to play better than a Jet! They want to change the way the Jets play!

“If everybody was great, use your noodle. You’re supposed to be an educated man. If everybody was great, why would you be here? ‘Everyone came out to shake my hand,’ Duh, you’re the boss. What do you want them to do — throw things at you?”