Gannon works with Sanchez Dan Leberfeld

Rich Gannon on Mark Sanchez, who he met with recently (from USA Today) – “He has a very bright future. We watched the interception and sack reels until 8 o’clock at night. Then he had to get treatment the next morning. I was up at 6 and in at 7 watching the film with him. I really applaud a guy like that who wants to get better. I mentioned third-down passing, which he was last in the AFC. This kid is back already throwing and is much further along than I thought he would be. The goal is to have him back almost 100% by June 14 minicamp. He’s throwing the ball particularly well, even though he told me he’s not 100% yet with that knee. I don’t think [the knee] is going to be an issue. He’s a leader with a great deal of toughness. If they can have a little bit better balance and get to be the 15th-ranked passing team (from 31st last year), boy, the Jets can do some damage.”