Garrard responds to Marty’s surprising “leg-up” comment Dan Leberfeld

Yesterday, Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg made a comment that caught many by surprise. He said, Mark Sanchez has a “leg-up,” in the Jets’ quarterback competition.

Considering how Sanchez has struggled the last two seasons, this doesn’t make a hole lot of sense.

So what does recently-signed quarterback David Garrard think of Mornhinweg saying Sanchez has a “leg-up?”

I’m not really sure of anybody’s advantage,” Garrard said. “[Mark] definitely has been there, so he knows all the players. It’s a new system for all of us, so we all are starting that way. I can’t really speak to any advantages other than that he knows all the guys there, all that kind of stuff. He’s been living there. I’d be coming from Florida and coming up to the northeast. Like I said, I can’t really speak to his advantages, I just know that all I can do is go out, have fun and try to help to make the team better.”

In other words, he’s not buying that Mark has advantage.

And nor should he.

Or Greg McElroy.