Garrard’s full explanation regarding his knee #nyj Dan Leberfeld

David Garrard announced early this week he’s retiring from football due to a knee problem.

Garrard appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio early this week to talk about his decision.

You might have seen part of this quote, but here it is, in it’s entirety –

“My knee just never really quite got back to, not to where it was before, but not even just well enough to, it was well enough to get out and run around and stuff but it would still swell on me,” Garrard said. “I thought, I look pretty good right now. Maybe if I get on with the team, the treatment that they have there, the round-the-clock treatments you pretty much get, that should probably help me out. So that’s how I was thinking.

“When it was healthy, when I was able to go out and participate in practice and run around, I mean, I looked great. I was excited and ready to go. But then, I’d get four or five days of good work on it in and then the next two days it is swollen and I have to do everything I can to get the swelling out. Start the next week over and it would just be the same process every time.

“So it was never just allowing me to just go on and just play without any worries. So I just kept thinking, how am I going to compete for the starting job if every four days I’ve got to stop and have an ice bag on my knee while the guys are practicing?”