Gase/Douglas/Elhai Must Shut This Down Right Now! Dan Leberfeld

Luke Falk is the Jets’ quarterback this week, but it’s hard to tell.

The Jets need to chill out on the Sam Darnold talk this week. He’s a heck of a prospect, but he’s not playing this week. The focus needs to be on Falk, not Darnold.

Look, I understand that Darnold is a very important part of the Jets, but focus in sports is of the utmost importance, and focusing on a guy who isn’t playing this week doesn’t help the football culture.

You know how they say you shouldn’t look past an opponent. This is kind of like that. So much focus on Darnold possible coming back for the Philly game, and perhaps not enough on playing maybe the best team in football on Sunday, is bad culturally.

On Wednesday, Darnold addressed the media and Falk didn’t. Darnold isn’t playing this week and Falk is.

On Wednesday, Adam Gase answered eight, yes eight, media questions about Darnold, and not one about Falk. I know Gase can’t control what’s asked, but he can control his answers. He talked extensively about Darnold, who isn’t playing this week. He should have said, “We will talk about Sam when he is cleared to come back. Luke is the quarterback this week.”

Good football cultures focus on who’s playing, not who isn’t.

Culture, culture, culture.

Focus, focus, focus.


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