Geno’s consultant Dan Leberfeld

John Thornton is being described as a “consultant” to Geno Smith.

Why would a second round pick need a consultant?

Thornton is reportedly helping Smith find a new agent.

“He wants to be with somebody who’s going to really understand what just happened, and give him a plan off the field to sort of rebuild his reputation that he doesn’t think deserves the hit that it took, but it did,” Thornton told NFL AM recently. “You know, it is what it is, so he has to get with somebody who is not really trying to sell him a bill of goods, but really understand the situation and is ready to take him forward.”

You know what just happened to him? He slipped to the second round, which was probably the appropriate round for him.

You know how he rebuilds his reputation? Work his tail off and become a good NFL quarterback.

Sometimes you get the sense that too many people are whispering in Geno’s ears.