George M. Cohen on the mediation Dan Leberfeld

The first stage of mediation between the NFL and the NFLPA is over.

Here is a statement from mediator George Cohen – “Our time together has been devoted to establishing an atmosphere conducive to meaningful negotiations and, of course, matters of process and substance.

“I can report that throughout this extensive period, the parties engaged in a highly focused, constructive dialogue concerning a host of issues covering both the economics and player-related conditions.

“The tenor of across-the-board discussions reflected a noteworthy level of mutual respect even in the face of strongly held competing positions. Some progress was made, but very strong differences remain on the all-important core issues.”

Cohen is a former labor lawyer who used to work for U.S. Steel.

Surely, all parties involved, hope the end result here is better.

Have you been to Bethlehem lately?