Gholston needs to earn a spot Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan said at his Friday press briefing that Vernon Gholston is assured a roster spot.
Isn’t it a little early in camp for that.
To me, backup defensive linemen, and Gholston is currently a second-strong end, need to earn a roster spot in the summer.
Especially players that haven’t proven anything in their first first two seasons.
Let him play a few preseason games before you hand him a roster spot.
So you get the sense that money is a factor in this situation.
They have paid Gholston a fortune and still owe him a lot of money.
But you know what, Woody Johnson has bought and sold a lot of stocks over the years.
Sometimes you sell a stock, lose a lot of money and move on.
It’s tough to do, but people do it all the time.
I’m not saying Gholston should be cut.
But make him earn a roster spot.
Consistently beating undrafted rookie free agent tackle Aaron Kia in one-on-one drills isn’t enough to guarantee him a job.
If they keep him on the team for financial reasons, and cut a promising player who deserves to be around, that isn’t a sound football decision.