Good Stuff on Geno’s Mechanics Dan Leberfeld

Metro New York’s Kristian Dyer spoke with quarterback coach Scott Brunner from TEST Football Academy in Martinsville about Geno Smith’s mechanics.
And Brunner had some salient things to say.
“Geno is a talented young quarterback. He has a tremendous skill set. Right now he is going through phases when his physical skill set and his mental skill set are not in sync,” Brunner told Metro. “As a result his fundamentals regarding his footwork and decision making breakdown. When that happens, usually in critical situations, he has little chance of success.
“He needs to become more comfortable with moving his feet while making his reads. Most young quarterbacks get into trouble because they make their reads then move their feet. This means they are late. He needs to find ways to save fractions of seconds throughout the process of executing the plays.”