Good teams avoid this trap at all costs Dan Leberfeld

When it comes to making player decisions in the NFL, you need to stay away from this concept at all costs.

Talking about confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret and favor information in a way that confirms or supports prior beliefs. It can ruin businesses and football teams alike.

If you do this with NFL personnel decisions, and roll with players too long to save face, it’s going to be very hard for your team to be successful.

Some teams might start a player too long, or keep him on the roster too long, based on where he was drafted or how much he makes. Bill Belichick doesn’t roll this way. He doesn’t worry about his draft-record or free agent-record when making roster decisions, He views everyone on the field equally, regardless of how they were acquired, and always keeps and starts the best players.

“When Belichick stands in front of the team and says look, the only players who are going to play here are the best players,” wrote former New England Patriots executive Mike Lombardi. “So if we drafted you in the first round, or you were an undrafted college free agent, who’s ever the best player is playing. He says that to the team, he’s got to believe that and act that way. Most teams when we drafted you in the first round, we don’t care if the other guy is better than you, we are going to keep you.”
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