Goodell on criticism of new rules Dan Leberfeld

The NFL has put in a number of new rules to promote player safety.

However, these rules have been criticized by many for taking away from the sport.

And the rules have perhaps led to more knee injuries because many players are trying to tackle low, in an attemp to avoid penalties and fines for hits to the head.

What is Roger Goodell’s take on the criticism?

“What we’ve tried to do is take those dangerous techniques out of the game that we think can lead to injuries, and remove them from the game,” Goodell said. “It’s made the game safer, and it’s made the game better. I’ve never been more optimistic about the game of football — is in terrific position going forward, because it is safer and it is better. We will always evolve. We will always make changes going forward that we think can improve safety for the players but also improve the excitement of the game.”

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