Hackenberg traded . . . Good Dan Leberfeld

It’s good that it’s finally over for all parties involved.

Christian Hackenberg, his family and the Jets.

Hackenberg was traded to the Raiders today for a conditional seventh-round pick.

It’s good for Hackenberg to get a fresh start, get out of place were he was a lightning rod, and go to place where he will be just another player on a 90-man roster.

Why he never played late last season remains a mystery. Why the coach needed to see Bryce Petty again, after seeing him at the end of the previous season, was curious. Petty, who is a heck of a guy, still struggled with accuracy, field vision and pocket presence, just like in 2016. Nothing changed.

Why Hackenberg wasn’t given at least some playing time at the end of last season is a mystery.


Finally this uncomfortable situation is over.

And this is good for everyone involved.

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