Very hard to find big-time guys at this spot this time of year Dan Leberfeld

Let’s be honest, these guys don’t grow on trees.

Talking about finding a good edge-rusher, especially this time of year. 

“It’s always easy, right Connor? To play the fictional game of let’s go get somebody, but the reality is there’s very far and few in between in terms of just what’s available,” said Jets coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets lost their starting end combination for the season – Carl Lawson (torn achilles) and Vinny Curry (blood disorder).

But do any of us really think they are going to find a great pass rusher this time of year, like another team is going to let that kind of guy out of the building by cutting or trading him? Teams don’t give away weapons like that.

Perhaps the Jets will claim or trade for a pass rusher, but to think that guy is going to transform their pass rush, is probably a little unrealistic.


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