Has Mo softened his position?#nyjets Dan Leberfeld

Has Mo Wilkerson softened his stance a little?

Last Wednesday he told the New York Post about his contract dispute – “It’s shocking. It’s frustrating because I feel like I’ve earned it and I deserve it. It would be different if I was just a mediocre player. I feel like each and every week I’m dominating and it’s showing. The stats speak for themselves. Basically, what more do I need to do? You know what I mean?

“Do I feel that they want me back? As of right now, no. I don’t feel like they want me. I’m a talented guy. Everybody knows that. I feel like they’re going to get the best they can out of me and just let me go. That’s how I feel. Do I like that feeling? No. I’m a New Jersey guy, born and raised and would love to raise my family here.”

But on Friday at a charity bowling event in Linden, he seemed to tone down the vitriol, telling the AP, Newsday and NJ.com, “Yeah, I’m surprised, frustrated. But what can I do? What can I say?

“It’s out there and I feel like I deserve it, you know, a deal. I understand it’s a business, but my focus right now is just rehabbing the leg and getting ready.”

The last line of that quote sums it up best – “it’s a business” and “my focus right now is just rehabbing the leg.”

And it’s tough from a business standpoint for the Jets to give Wilkerson $63 million in guaranteed money when he’s rehabbing a broken leg. It’s not his fault he broke his leg, but it happened.

So it’s likely he’ll have to play this year under the $15.7 million franchise tag, and get a long-term deal next year, with the Jets or elsewhere.

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